The Legend of Maian Volume 14 (Complete)!


I don’t know whether anyone still comes to this page, but for those of you who do, Scantily Clad is back and so am I (this time fo realz y’all). I’ve decided to resume my activities as a scanlator, we’ve still got a few projects left to finish and if possible (depending on the new staff recruits), I’d like to pick up a couple new projects. But more about that later on.

And now for the…


The Legend of Maian volume 14 chapter 73: Read online | Direct download
The Legend of Maian volume 14 chapter 74: Read online | Direct download
The Legend of Maian Volume 14 complete: Read online | Direct download

As for the status report (or to-do list), please see below.


The Legend of Maian

- Volumes 12 & 13: Thanks to the donation run from a year ago, we managed to acquire the RAWs. We still need a (Korean to English) translator and a cleaner though. No ETA as of now, but I’ll get to it when I can.
- Volume 14, chapters 73 & 74: Finally released! Apologies for the delay ^^’
- Volume 15+: IM Dall-Young (the author) has currently taken a break from The Legend of Maian. We’ll keep you updated!

Crimson Grave

- Volume 4 Chapter 12: The chapter has been translated and redrawn where necessary.  All that remains is for me to finish the typesetting. This will be the next release you can expect from us.
- Volume 4 Chapter 13: This chapter has been translated, but still needs to be cleaned & typeset.
- Volume 4+: Depending on the response we get for chapters 12 and 13, we’ll decide whether to continue this as a priority project or a side-project instead. Either way, new releases will follow…

Legend Hustle

We’re going to continue Legend Hustle, but until we can  get ourselves a decent Korean translator and a scanner for the remaining volumes, I won’t order any new volumes. It’ll have to wait, sorry folks!

Update Feb 27: I’ve just gone over our files and it seems we’ve got all of the RAWs except for volume 06. I’ve also found the translation files for the remaining chapters of Volume 04, so after some cleaning, the remaining chapters of V04 will be released sometime soon as well ;).

Click here for our previous releases.


Another group apparently picked Otoyomegatari up. Unless the original staff member who was heading the project (eye) wants to resume it, consider it dropped.
Click here for our previous releases.

Lost Seven

Since the previous post by dokko-tak, I’ve uploaded the last volume of Lost Seven to the Manga Reader. You can read and download everything here now.

Manga reader and our previous releases

In the meanwhile, I’ll also try to repopulate our Manga Reader with all of our previous releases (since this group went by the name of Dredshi). This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now and I’ll also enable direct downloads for all of our releases while I’m at it (so no unreliable filehosts anymore!).


So yeah, long story short… join our group. It doesn’t matter what your specialty is, we want you! Depending on the situation, we could also pick up a new project. Connect with me (KeitaroNL) on irc (#scantily-clad @ for more information or mail us: scscans (at)

zee end

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Lost Seven! Our partner in crime, Village Idiot Scan — my hat off to them!

Lost Seven Vol 4 Ch 20 (MF)

Lost Seven Vol 4 Ch 21 END (MF)

And ebbidy ebbidy ebb~ that’s all, folks!

moar bewbs…

and the next chapter, courtesy of our guys, and the guys over at Village Idiot Scans.

Lost Seven v4 ch19 (MediaFire)

Be dazzled, be mesmerized… by those hypnotic eyes… dem eyes….

annnnnd… that’s all.  i gotz nothin’ after TL-ing the last hour and half. and no sleep.

/me dies