Legend of Tyr volume 5

Hello you guys,

I guess I failed with the website considering it still isn’t 100% finished.. but whatever, that shouldn’t stop me from releasing Legend of Tyr volume 05 now or should it ;) ?

It appears that this volume was on our FTP the whole time and only needed to be converted to PNG/JPG before we could release it. Special thanks goes out to Claudia from Easy Going Scans who helped me with that. And while we’re talking about Easy Going Scans, they will also be the ones continuing Legend of Tyr…

Yeah that’s right, I guess it is time to fill you all in on the details as far as Scantily Clad is concerned. A few months back, a lot of stuff happened  and one way or another, Scantily Clad was about to be disbanded. The three founders of this group (Malkalvi, Kaishe and traeni) all had personal matters to attend to. Malkalvi got married, Kaishe was about to join the army and traeni just got released from the army (and I’m guessing he went MIA in some Asian red light district ghehe). Anyway, because of this, it was decided that most of our projects would be taken over by other groups and Scantily Clad would be disbanded as a result. Some of the other guys in the staff, including myself, decided to give it one last go and reorganise the entire group. We decided to take on less projects and continue those to the best of our abilities.
Now, fast-forward a couple of months, we’re still here!
Our current (active) projects are:

Cavalier of the Abyss
Crimson Grave
Hell Blade
Legend Hustle
Lost Seven
The Legend of Maian
The Phantom King
Witch Hunter

We’re currently working on Otoyomegatari (we’ve got everything translated up to chapter 22 and all that is left is cleaning and typesetting it), The Legend of  Maian and Phantom King (are being translated right now), Cavalier of the Abyss (working on the next two chapters), Lost Seven and Legend Hustle (just need to be typeset) and we’ll release Crimson Grave sometime soon as well.

As for Hell Blade and Witch Hunter, we’ll need to order RAWs before we can continue on these projects. And on that note, we really could use some help. We’d appreciate it very much if we could get some donations or some experienced cleaners and typesetters for our projects. If you feel up to task, you can apply over at the forums or email us @ scscans [at] gmail.com

As for donations:

And now, for the releases:
Legend of Tyr V5
http://depositfiles.com/files/wsor4i5bi Chapter 25 – Read online
http://depositfiles.com/files/d52xm4j96 Chapter 26 – Read online
http://depositfiles.com/files/sysym8e8t Chapter 27 – Read online
http://depositfiles.com/files/dkram9e9o Chapter 28 – Read online
http://depositfiles.com/files/dtmhvhvoy Chapter 29 – Read online
Chapter 30 – Read online

Download the entire volume

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  • Ethan

    Ty thats all I can say. Just Thank you.

  • Styx

    thanks a lot for the hard work and welcome back

  • alfa

    Thanks for the release! Good to see you guys active.

  • MonkeysGFX

    Would you mind picking Aflame Inferno back up, or at least please tell me why it was dropped? Due to lack of RAWS? Or just not enough interest?

    • KeitaroNL

      There was enough interest, but Aflame Inferno is one of the projects that has been handed over to Easy Going Scans. They will continue that project ;).

  • Tom

    Thanks for this, it is one of my favourites.

  • bleedtillwebreak

    thanks dude hope you can get the next chapter :) very nice work keep up the good work….

  • bleedtillwebreak

    thanks dude hope you can get the next chapter :) very nice work keep up the good work….

  • King

    LEGEND OF FUCKING TYR? LEGEND OF MOTHER FUCKING TYR? You glorious bastards I forgot all about the sexy beast of a manhwa. Whats it been? A year? Fucking thanks everyone, love this shit.

  • Finito

    This is a recommendation/suggestion for next time. When releasing a volume or many chapters of the same series you should do a release pack and upload them together not 5 different uploads because people have to download 6 chapters 1 after the other. If you have to do it for some reason, use some uploading site like mediafire which let’s you download multiple files at the same time, depositfiles as a 10 mins or more waiting time between each download.

    I love Tyr so thanks a lot for the releases and good luck with the other projects.

    • KeitaroNL

      Hello Finito,

      That actually was our intention, but Depositfiles froze when we tried to upload the last chapter + the volume pack. In the future, we’ll provide direct downloads for members who are registered at our forums to compensate this ;).

      • Matrixik

        And what about IRC? There are Tyr up to v04.

        Thank you for new chapters.

  • SomeRandomGuy

    Glad to see some news glad things seem to be pretty much sorted now. Thanks for all the work put into keeping the ground going. Not sure what I would do without The Legend of Maian eventually being released.

    • John

      me either, i can’t wait for the next cap *-*

    • Jt3z

      Same here to bad i spoiled myself with vol 12 and 13. I wish i had not..

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    Thank you for releases !! :)

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    Thank You very much!!! I’m happy You are alive and hope evrything will be alright!

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    Thank you for these releases :) glad your back!

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    is there full volume (5) download??

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    Thanks a lot man, Thanks a lot. That’s all I can say.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ASPIN3ABJXQ7LOHLUABA5N2GBU Carlos

    It’s kind of a relief to hear that you’ll keep scanlating. Anyway, thank you for the new release of Tyr (and keep up the good work ^o^)