lots of boobs and monsters

… is the impression i get from Lost Seven.  and crazy eyes. (sorry, i haven’t read this at all!)

Again, a joint release with Village Idot Scans.

Lost Seven v04 ch18

KeitaroNL is/was back… I guess he didn’t post an update like he said he would. you guys are welcome to hound him about Maian. Go!

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  • nanashi

    Thank you! Can’t wait for the last few chapters to come out!

  • Tom

    Thanks a lot for the chapter.

  • Raiker

    Thanks for release.

    As there is no forum yet to wrote questions, I ask here: will you make available (and by this in the first place I mean downloads) your older releases (for example, first volume of Natsu no Zenjitsu) in the project section?

    • KeitaroNL

      Yes, I’ll take care of this later. Until then you can find most of what you need on our irc channel: #scantily-clad @ irc.irchighway.net